Antibacterial Fabric

Our Brands for Clean Sleep


Copper antibacteria


Copper is a natural mineral found in all living organisms. With its regenerative and antibacterial effects, copper is one of the brands offered in our Sleep Solutions line of specialty sleep fabrics. Copper is also a natural antimicrobial. Many forms of bacteria find copper to be an inhospitable surface that causes bacteria cell membranes to die. In tests of fabric knitted with our copper yarn, it has shown to have broad spectrum antimicrobial effects killing 96.3% – 99.9% of common bacteria, E. coli and other odor causing bacteria. Because of this, copper is now being trialed in hospital settings, including surfaces and in the form of hospital clothing to keep bacteria and disease at bay. Overall, these benefits could create mattress and sleep fabric that is clean and regenerative.

Copper antibacteria graph



Cotton copper photo


Cotton is the most popular natural fiber in the world. It is sustainable and biodegradable. However, cotton is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Its unique structure allows for absorption of harmful microbes. CottonX solves this problem by infusing copper with cotton. Copper has natural antimicrobial properties as well as a regeneration benefit that helps skin heal more rapidly. Together organic cotton and copper come together to create CottonX, a fabric that is good for the environment and good for you.

Copper Cotton anti bacteria graph


Graphene antibacteria


Winning a Nobel Prize in 2010, graphene is the most cutting edge mineral of our time. It is the thinnest, strongest and most durable material in the world – so strong a spider’s web coated in a single layer of graphene could catch a falling airplane. As part of our Sleep Solutions range of specialty sleep fabrics, graphene is a natural antibacterial. Not only does graphene destroy bacteria cell membranes, but it also prevents bacteria from growing on its surface.

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