Di-Tech Inc Dyeing & Finishing

Di-Tech Inc is Tricot Liesse’s textile dyeing and textile finishing division.

We are one of the most Innovative Textile Finishing Companies in North America

Di-Tech Inc

Our European influenced dyeing and textile finishing facility, has the unique ability to process small runs or large production lots. At Di-Tech we provide a multitude of different finishing options on knitted fabrics from 2 to 60 oz for a variety of widths. Di-Tech has the unique ability to turnaround your sample or production lots in a time frame that is unparalleled in the industry. Our certified dye laboratory uses the latest computerized software, machinery and dyes available ensuring superior quality in every way.

Dyeing and Finishing Services

We are one of the most modern and efficient dyeing and finishing facilities in North America. In our state-of-the-art test laboratory, our textile graduate technicians, follow AATCC, CATCC and ASTM regulations for testing. We test for Colour Fastness, Wet + Dry Crock tests for bleeding, Martindale tests for abrasion, Random Tumble tests for pilling, dimensional stability, Mullen Burst tests for pressure control, Instrom Stretch testing plus many more.

Your colour is safe in our hands.

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