Mattress & Sleep Fabrics

Mattress and bedding fabrics for better sleep.

We offer a wide range of yarns and finishes. Our expertise in knitting, dyeing and finishing, combined with sophisticated design and the latest double jacquard machine technology, will make your product stand out from the crowd.

We focus on excellent quality and on-time delivery, so you can focus on your customers.



With the use of PCM cooling technology, Arctik fabric works to regulate mattress temperatures.


Serene fabric promotes conductivity and instant cooling, making for a comfortable sleep.

Business to Business

  • Air Flow
  • Anti Pill
  • Stretch
  • Touch
These fabrics are designed to allow air to flow between the body and the foam, without inhibiting the foams performance.
The same high performance yarns used in our high-end apparel brands, giving the best low-pill results.
Allows your foam to preform to its maximum potential.
The softest fabrics, for the best touch experience on the showroom floor.

Innovative ideas, luxurious fabrics and stylish designs.

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