Sustainable Textile Manufacturing

Sustainable zero waste concept on smartphone screen in jeans pocket.

We are a manufacturing plant devoted to creating sustainable products that respect the environment and the employees that make them.  Our commitment to our community and this planet is what keeps us grounded as a company.

To reduce waste we have created The Tube and Palette Recycling Program (TPRP).  When fabric is purchased, it is delivered to the customer on a tube, made of cardboard, and several rolls are delivered on a palette, made of wood.  The norm in the textile industry is for the customer to dispose of these after adding to the world’s waste.   With this program, the customer ships the tubes and palettes back to us and we reuse them for future shipments.  It is our way of reducing our contribution to the world’s waste problem one tube and palette at a time. Help reduce waste, help save the world.  


For more information about this program and our other environmental initiatives, please have a look at Our Social Responsibility page.  Also find out more about what we believe in on our company LinkedIn page