Top 3 Fall Textile Inspirations

Textile inspiration from nature collage

Textile Fall Inspirations

Fall has been a season of inspiration by nature for our textile designers.  From grainy marble fabrics to cozy leaf designs, we have curated some of our favourite textiles to help you get cozy for the winter months.  Read on for our top 4 fabric inspirations of fall.

1. Autumn Trees

From the vibrant browns of the summer, autumn brings with it deep earthy wood tones.

Fall lumber

Close up of tree bark

Tricots Liesse grey textured textile

Grey and champagne Tricots Liesse textile

2. Going Marbles

Speckled marble adds an unexpected granular feel to textiles, they are coarse and complex while maintaining a light smooth touch.

Marble and lilac photo

Natural marble grey, blue, white

Tricots Liesse marble textured textile

3. Herb Appeal

Soft leaf patterns, fleshy neutrals and sustainable fabrics are a good trio.  Together they create subtle textures and quiet luxury.

Fall leaves, acorns and fruits

Yellow fall leaves on a tree

Grey, oatmeal knit cable, leaf Tricots Liesse textile

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