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IR Pulse

3D illustration of Interconnected neurons with electrical pulses.

The human body is a valuable energy source that has the power to renew itself. Our IR Pulse line of healthy textiles work with the body to ignite a natural recovery process. It is treated with far infrared particles that can radiate deep below the skin’s surface and activate the body’s electromagnetic waves. Our IR Pulse fabric could help encourage blood circulation and promote regenerative sleep.



Nanobionic regenerate world image

Nanobionic® is clinically proven and determined by the FDA to be a medical and general wellness device. Durable yet soft, Nanobionic® coating is applied to the fabric. This coating harnesses the natural energy of the body to promote a consistently better sleep. Nanobionic® bedding products are intended to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow. This increase can have a wide range of benefits, including:


Volcanic Mud

Mud Volcanoes. Texture and eruption. Berca, Romania

Minerals and ash from volcanoes mix with water and create Volcanic Mud. Similar to charcoal, Volcanic Mud has a variety of purifying and energizing properties. In mud form, the ash absorbs sebum and enriches the human body with a variety of vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

When applied to fiber, Volcanic Mud becomes a natural antibacterial, deodorizer and emits high far-infrared rays. The result is a fabric that is:


  • Regenerating

  • High moisture absorbing

  • Antimicrobial

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